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World is becoming decentralized

Blockchain and smart-contracts revolutionize the way we cooperate leaving execution to the algorithms and allowing humanity to safe time and efforts for greatest things

But there is a big problems still...
Blockchain doesn’t know anything about real world!

Deprecated Courts

Even on blockchain disputes are solved by humans

  • Disputes in the global, digital, decentralized economy occur in areas where they cannot be solved by state court and current dispute resolution methods.

  • Smart contracts and blockchain best suited to become a better infrastructure for Online dispute resolution

    Smart contracts are smart enough to automatically execute as programmed, but not to render subjective judgments or to include elements from outside the blockchain.


There is no trustable way to feed data to public Dapps

  • Blockchain technology promises to revolutionize business by utilizing smart contract, which in comparison to paper contracts impossible to breach or change in retroactive. However, today, smart contracts are isolated from outside world, because of blockchain deterministic nature, smart contracts don`t have access to external data such as APIs.

  • That's so-called an “Oracle problem"

    The current solution to this problem is introduced by new functionality, called an “oracle”, which are trying to bridge blockchain to outside world, but existing oracles services are centralized controlled by the single party(person), and any smart contract utilizing  it has a single point of failure, making such services no more secure than a centralized server.


How we can resolve the disputes fair using the power of blockchain basis?
How we can provide trustable data from real world into blockchain?


Forseti provide open, free and self-organized system for dispute resolution and data qualification using modern decentralized and transparent approach



Based on blockchain technologies - decentralized, independent and transparent

Open-source (free)

Open and free for everyone. Our protocol distributed under GNU/GPL license


Rules of protocol are customizable, providing balance and flexibility to meet customer needs


Dispute Resolution Based on reputation system


Forseti was born in 2016 when the first participants met on one of the blockchain  hackatons. During this time, we have become more. There are already many victories behind our shoulders ... and this is only the beginning.

Alexander Nikolaev

CEO, cryptoeconomics researcher

-Winner of numerous blockchain hackathons
(i.e BlockchainHack 2016 awarded by Waves, BlockchainHack 2017 awarded by Qtum)

- Passionate about mechanism design and its implementation into the blockchain

Denis Kaizer

CTO, smart contract developer

- ETHWaterloo by Ethereum Foundation Overall Winner;

Awarded by Vitalik Buterin and Storj; Canada, 2017- BlockchainHack 2017;

Awarded by Qtum; Russia, 2017Developed smart-contracts and token economy concepts for a wide range of an international blockchain projects.

Author of scientific work "Decentralized Reputation Assessment System in Oracles Networks" (to be released in the summer)

George Verbitsky

Вusiness advisor
Managing Director Russia & CIS at eToro

15+ years experience in business development in IT & finance business

Alexander Noxon

Technical advisor

4+ years in blockchain developmentOne of the most recognized russian D`app developer

Sergey Avdoshin

Scientific advisor

NRU HSE School Head, Professor:Faculty of Computer Science / School of Software Engineering Member of the HSE Academic Council Tenured Professor (2016)


BackEnd developer

You'll be working in the development, testing and maintenance of Forseti-Node , the first full validating node implementing Forseti protocol